I don't think any of us could have predicted this is where we would end up but that uncertainty and unknown is what makes life exciting and if one thing is for sure....we have no regrets.


There is no instruction booklet to parenting, and frankly if there was, we probably wouldn't have followed it anyways. However, one thing we knew was that we wanted our kids to grow up experiencing a way of life that, in todays world, can easily be forgotten. We wanted a place where they could run in the fields, explore the woods, discover nature and listen to the peepers on a warm summer night.  A place that allowed them to escape the busy fast paced world we now all live in. Even the chores, which they may not enjoy now, teach them responsibility, accountability and keep them active. As we have watched them grow up here, we knew we wanted to share this experience with others. Leaning Oak Farms allows you to just take a moment and step away from your busy life and step into a place that may even bring back some of your childhood memories. Come join our family!




I have spent my entire life in Durham. Folks may have varying opinions on that choice, but there was something about this town that pulled me back over the years.  Early on it was hard to explain the reasoning but now I realize why I chose to establish my roots and raise my family here…..community. In my experience it’s quite easy to lose touch with reality nowadays due to the constant pressure placed on us from a fast paced high demand work environment. To this day, Durham offered a sanctuary to that life. Although Durham has changed quite a bit over the 30 years I have lived here, one thing that hasn’t changed to this day is the feeling I get pulling down historic Main Street. From the sidewalk street lights to the 18th century homes to the small local store fronts, it reminds me of a way of life that often seems forgotten. A way of life where folks work hard at their careers but also work hard to support and maintain their community. I want my family to have this same feeling and I want others to experience it as well. I have had a successful professional career in the finance industry and I am thankful for all it has provided me but similar to the visions I have for financial forecasts and models for major corporations, I now have a vision for our Farm. My family and I have worked constantly over the past several years transforming our land and expanding our garden and will continue to do so that our community can have a place to visit that allows them to take a moment and step away from the demands of today’s world and share a meal, a drink and a laugh with family, friends and neighbors. And my hope is you leave Leaning Oak Farms with a memory that you can hold onto forever and we of course welcome you back to create more.



No, I did not grow up in Durham, as everyone assumes. I actually grew up a "city girl" who hardly ever got my hands dirty. As a kid I had 1 pet..that's right, 1. Then I met Jesse...slowly I transformed into a "country girl" who now cuddles with pigs and does farm chores on a daily basis (even though sometimes I do so while wearing a dress). When I am not working at the farm or being a mom of two, beautiful children, I am engaging in my lifelong passion of teaching. I am currently a special education teacher in RSD13 and recently became a certified dyslexia practitioner.  Never did I imagine that this would be my life, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Coming home after a long day at work and feeding the animals provides me with a natural sense of calm. It allows me to take a moment and appreciate all life has to offer. My family has been very blessed and we don't take that for granted. Every day we try to give back in some way, which ultimately is the reason behind Leaning Oak Farms. We simply want to share all the joys this property has given us, with each of you. 

The kiddos.


Meet Madison and Tanner. Madison is 8 years old and loves to draw and read. Tanner is 5 years old and loves Legos and annoying his older sister. Right now it is hard for them to understand why Mommy and Daddy are constantly working or doing chores but we hope one day that they realize we did it all for them.