We have come a long way in our gardening skills over the past 5 years. Every year we expand the garden and try something new and innovative. Jesse has watched countless documentaries and youtube videos and applies what he has learned. 2017 was the first year we grew everything from seed..2018 is the year of expansion and 2019 will be the year of the CSA.  We are not large scale by any means but this this allows us more time to focus on the quality of our product and most importantly, the customer. . Our passion for gardening is centered upon providing healthy and wholesome food for family, friends and the community. We have debated paying for an organic certification but to be honest we go beyond their requirements and only use what nature provide in terms of fertilization, weed management and pest protection. Therefore we are going down the path of signing up for 'The Farmers Pledge' through CT NOFA. Please check out our CSA page for more information on how to sign up!!


Year of Expansion Photos

Some oldies but goodies


Planting the seeds.


Even in the dark...



Tilling the Land

Transplanting the Seeds.


The 'original' Garden.

First Harvest.

Fresh, Organic Vegetables.

More outakes from the process.