2019 CSA Program 


Finally....after years of honing in on our craft and spending late nights building our dream garden, it is ready to be shared with the community. We couldn't be more thrilled..and this CSA won't disappoint. Here is what we have in mind:

  • Approximately 20 weeks

  • Full Share or Half share options

  • 'Pick your own' option

  • Fresh cut flowers...oooo!

  • organic veggies...ahhhh!

  • fresh artisan bread...mmmhmm!

  • looking into adding a few products from other local farms...(more to come on this)


  • access to property for picnics/firefly catching/sitting and relaxing...(when's the last time you did that!)...live music occasionally

  • invitation to a family movie night

  • Monthly payment plans available and flexible pricing options...Cost TBD but will be comparable to surrounding plans

(deep breaths)..we will give you a moment to gather yourself.... 

If you have interest in what we are mentioning above then take a few seconds, click below and fill out a form so we can email you more info in the not so distant future with more membership information in case you want to sign up.