2019 CSA Details

A few key points on our CSA program below. Our goal was to make this as flexible as possible for you!

  1. $1 = 1 credit

  2. $200 minimum credit purchase on FIRST purchase. You can purchase more credits anytime during the year ($200 min won’t apply after first purchase). We accept cash (5% discount), check or credit card (fees will apply)

  3. Prices will be provided for each product at our farm store along with your own personal folder to track your purchases. Simply do your shopping, log the costs and your done, no cash exchanged! We will maintain a master file of your purchases and the next time you visit you’ll have a fresh sheet with a new starting balance. We are also looking to design a page for you to see your credit balance online.

  4. Credits can be used for ANYTHING at our CSA farm stand….veggies, flowers, bread, eggs, shirts, etc

  5. If you have credits remaining at the end of the year you can request a refund OR apply it to your next years purchases

  6. Are you ready? I know we are…click below to officially sign up.

Purchase Credits